5 Places to Launch a Second Career in Retirement

Many seniors are buoyed by the thought of launching a second career in retirement. A growing sector of retirees seek places where the job market is receptive to their considerable skills and experiences as well as their entrepreneurial dreams.

Here are five places favorable for launching a second career in retirement.

1. Washington, D.C. — Time is on the side of those older workers hoping to launch a second career in Washington, D.C., according to U.S. News. More than 36 percent of those employed in the region are 60 and older, the magazine noted, citing U.S. Census Bureau data for the Washington metropolitan area, which includes suburban Virginia and Maryland.

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2. Bridgeport, Connecticut — Also ranking high on the U.S. News list for great places to start a retirement career is Bridgeport, Connecticut. The extended metro area includes Stamford and Norwalk. There, 24.1 percent of workers are 60 and older. The unemployment rate for those in that age bracket: 2.6 percent.

3. Madison, Wisconsin — This large and liberal university town, home to the University of Wisconsin, is also an ideal place for retirees to establish a second career, the magazine said. Madison is also home to the state capital with plenty of state government jobs. Noted U.S. News: "A third (32.7 percent) of people age 60 and older remain employed in Madison."

4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — For those retired military members, Oklahoma City is a solid place to launch a second career, according to USAA. With four military bases and a VA hospital located in the surrounding area, and plenty of government contractors working nearby, Oklahoma City "is home to a high number of jobs that require skillsets learned in the military," the website reported.

5. Norfolk, Virginia —
This beach town is also military heavy, offering a high number of veterans who have retired nearby their choices of an abundance of federal jobs that could be related to their skills, with many related to the defense, engineering and aviation industries, Military.com noted.

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Norfolk made Money magazine’s 10 best places to retire list in 2013. It said: "Norfolk’s cultural scene and its proximity to the ocean, Chesapeake Bay and several rivers make it an activity-rich retirement destination."

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