5 Jobs With the Fastest Growing Paychecks

The U.S. job market is seeing steady growth at the moment. The number of openings rose to about 5.6 million in April, signaling a 1% growth per month, Fox Business reported. This comes despite concerns about an impending economic slowdown.

To determine which jobs were showing the most growth, Glassdoor Economic Research crunched the numbers in its Job Market report, released Tuesday, and discovered that median pay had increased to $52,807. By analyzing real-time job openings on its website, GlassDoor was able to break down which jobs have seen the fastest growth in wages, as listed by Fox Business:

1. Bartender. Over the past year the median pay for a bartender in the U.S. grew by 9.6%, putting the average salary at $35,309 for a person in this position.

2. Pharmacy technician. The median pay for a pharmacy technician rose by 7.4%, putting the average salary for a person in this position at $31,609.

3. Material handler. There has been nearly a 5% increase in base salary for material handlers in the past year. A person working in this position, which entails moving and distributing products in warehouses, earns an average base salary of $37,350.

4. Truck driver. Wages for truck drivers are rising, with a 4.6% increase in the last year, because of a nationwide shortage. There may be a massive shortage of 174,000 by 2026. In light of this, a person in this position currently earns an average of $55,741.

5. Cashier. Over the past year there has been a 4.6% rise in wages for cashiers, who earn an average median of $27,821.

Glassdoor also took a look at which five cities were seeing the fastest wage growth in the U.S. According to CNBC, they are:

5. New York

4. Los Angeles

3. Seattle

2. Atlanta

1. San Francisco

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